I believe what worked so well was her ability to really communicate with our staff while effectively introducing real world concepts of communication and team building all while generating a wonderful sense of enthusiasm and loyalty in our staff! At the end of our very productive session with Judy, the one question everyone asked was ‘when is Judy coming back?’
Judy has a vast knowledge of how a general practice like mine should function. She emphasizes total patient care and placing patient welfare first. To Judy, patients are not merely numbers but friends to be cared for and guided towards optimal dental health. I feel Ms. Risner has the unique ability to teach without preaching and motivate while teaching. She can lead you to the place where you make the biggest impact on your patient’s health and makes it enjoyable to get there.
— Dr. C. E. Slotke, DDS, Baltimore, MD
Judy came into a situation that was very complicated and very difficult due to a combination of somewhat unusual circumstances. Judy performed her job with the utmost professionalism and insight. She was often able to effectively draw on her broad background of experience in the field of dentistry with first hand knowledge. She is much attuned to the various inter-working dynamics. Judy has excellent communication skills and a thorough knowledge of her subject matter. She has the ability to be firm yet non-intimidating while showing care and compassion.
— Dr. Terry Schreiner, DDS, Duncan, OK
With Judy’s help we were able to improve our communication with patients and each other. Our production increased during her time with us! All in all it was a joy and a pleasure to work with Judy.
— Dr. W. Lynch, DDS, Rustin, LA
Judy coached our office through some difficult changes. She made the experience very comfortable. No changes were “demanded”. Any suggestions for changing the way we did a procedure were looked at carefully, justified, and a consensus was built among the team to make a transition. Judy was very careful to take everyone’s feelings into account through the entire consulting experience. Likewise, if a current system was working well for our office, there was no attempt to change it. One of the greatest benefits of the consultation was improved communication within our office. Recently, after going through the consultation experience, I was asked if I would do it again?— The answer is definitely yes!
— Dr. W. Trent Yadon, DDS, Woodward, OK
Everyone had a positive outlook and bubbled with enthusiasm. Judy was key in coaching us to the heights we have reached thus far. Judy’s guidance and encouragement enabled us to transform our practice into one that is goal and solution oriented instead of wandering aimlessly in search of a better way to practice dentistry.
— Dr. David Pendleton, DDS, Rockdale, TX
Words could never express the gratitude I feel for what you have done for me. You gave me my job back. I’m so thankful that God gave me that patience to hang in there. I feel we’ve all grown so much even though it was tough getting through it. You where truly God sent!
— Vicky, BA, Lake Charles, LA
Shelly and Judy each gave so much of themselves, I would consider them family. They each had the personalities that best fit the information they had to teach and that melded with the team. They were always prepared and were very attentive to the team’s understanding of the information. I never felt rushed to learn something. Their tracking of our progress and attention to detail was and is amazing. I guess I cannot say enough great things about them because they have done so much with us. they are a part of our team!
— Dr. Ronald Quade, DDS, Poteau, OK
Judy turned our good practice into a much better practice. At first, she focused on the basics; scheduling, seating patients, the hand off between the front and back office personal. We were all doing well in our respective areas but she was able to coordinate us all to be much more effective and professional. As a result of improved communication we have increased our daily, monthly, and yearly collections. It has been 4 years since Judy started with us and it has been a wonderful experience.
— Dr. Wes Moore, DDS, Fort Smith, AR