My Story

Judy has worked in the dental field for over 40 years. Her expertise includes her experience working as a dental assistant, lab technician and registered dental hygienist.  She also has worked as a consultant for an international dental management company and Indian Health Care Facilities.   Judy continues to follow her passion to help others reach their goals by speaking for small and large dental groups and non-profit organizations.

 Judy’s experience working in a dental office allows her to have a clear understanding of the dynamics and inner workings of a dental practice.   Her coaching expertise addresses all aspects of the clinical and business systems related to the dental practice as well as communication skills, team building and leadership training.  

She has built an outstanding reputation as a consultant through her unique “hands-on” style of coaching as well as her dedication to working closely with the doctor and staff to improve their lives professionally, financially and personally.


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Judy's passion to help others reach their goals has evolved to others projects. Author, Lemonade to gold.


Testimonial:  "I enjoyed "Lemonade to Gold" so much that I recommended it to the entire staff. I found it to be very helpful not only at work, but at home as well. This book was a true God send! Just what I needed, at just the right time."  Sandy

If you've ever tried to execute a plan, you've probably asked yourself; Where do I start? How do I design a plan? How do I know I made the right decision? How do I overcome obstacles?

Lemonade to Gold is your educational and inspirational guide to achieving success. You'll find that you really can accomplish anything you want as long as you follow your passion, are willing to work hard, and pray for guidance.

By following three main concepts; goal setting, problem solving, and decision making, Judy was able to start her own consulting business and help others discover their own path.

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